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About Our School

Mission, Vision, and Values

Annunciata School is a Catholic Educational Community committed to providing a quality Elementary Education for boys and girls pre-school through eighth grade. In partnership with parents and guardians, we have as our primary concern the intellectual and spiritual development of the students based on a strong foundation of Catholic tradition, values, and service that is strengthened by Faith.

Our vision is to prepare our students for their roles as responsible individuals in their Family, Church, and Community as they move forward into the 21st Century.


Our Philosophy

Catholic education is an expression of the mission entrusted to the church by Jesus Christ. Annunciata's philosophy is to provide a sound Catholic educational atmosphere for each student where spiritual growth and academic success may be achieved.

Catholic education at Annunciata is motivating, developing, and guiding each child, whether it be spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, or socially. This will help each child develop his/her own personality to its fullest potential as a Catholic citizen and enable him/her to contribute usefully to the betterment of society. 

We at Annunciata recognize that the parents are the primary educators of their children. We realize that everyone in the Annunciata community is called to form a Catholic educational community, a community of faith, which is a very important part of the larger Annunciata Parish Community.

Our faculty and administration work together to fashion a curriculum which fosters the development of each student with the following goals and objectives:

1) To provide for the Spiritual and Moral development of the students:
     -Formal religious instruction
     -Preparation programs for sacraments
     -Family Life program
     -Frequent participation in liturgical and para-liturgical services

2) To provide for the intellectual growth of the students:
     -A professionally qualified and dedicated faculty
     -A curriculum designed to provide for the uniqueness of the individual evidenced by a variety of teaching strategies and                techniques used to accommodate the variety of learning abilities and styles
     -A computer education program for students that will develop skills that will have an impact on all areas of the curriculum

3) To provide for the students' physical development and to develop good sportsmanship through a quality physical education        program

4) To provide for the emotional and social development of the student by a concerted effort to develop in each student:
     -An attitude of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-esteem
     -A multicultural appreciation of all people as children of God
     -An awareness of peace and social justice

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