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We value our volunteers and the time and effort they dedicate to enhancing our school. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for you to get involved and support our community.


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Establishing relationships with those who share our values and interests is essential for our school and community. It is crucial to collaborate with like-minded individuals to create a positive impact on the community we serve.


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Donations support our goal of supporting our students who need assistance. We appreciate all who value Catholic education for our children and are most grateful for any contributions.


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When partners collaborate, they gain a deeper understanding of each other's perspectives. This, in turn, leads to more effective decision-making processes. In the end, partnerships among all stakeholders in the school community can result in better academic achievement, social-emotional development, and overall student success.



Partnerships, sponsors, and donors play a crucial role in the success of Annunciata School. Your support allows us to provide quality education, resources, and opportunities to our students. We are grateful for the generosity and commitment of our partners, sponsors, and donors in helping us fulfill our mission of nurturing young minds and creating a positive impact in our community.

Support Us

At Annunciata School, support comes in many forms. We value volunteers, donors, sponsors, and partnerships that bring new opportunities, expertise, and help to support and grow our school community.

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