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2021 - 2022 PK & K-8 Tuition Rates

2021 - 2022 K-8 Fees and Charges

Tuition Discounts/Financial Aid

The following additional discounts apply:

  • 3% off the total for tuition paid in two installments

  • Preschool is not part of the family plan for tuition discounts for more than one child

Financial Aid Information

After completing the online application and being accepted, families may apply for financial aid by following these steps:

  • Complete the financial assistance application on the FACTS website, which entails a $25 fee.

  • FACTS will make a financial assistance recommendation after reviewing the financial aid application.

  • If the family does not agree with the financial recommendation from FACTS, the family can request a meeting with the school administration to review any circumstances that are beyond what is reflected in the application.

  • School administration will then take this information into consideration when developing a financial assistance plan.

For more financial aid options, please see the Affordability page in the Admissions drop-down menu.

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